Facing a Monroe DWI Arrest?

If charged with a Monroe DWI, you want answers after spending the night in jail. Understandably, you feel anxious about how a DUI can affect your life. Furthermore, you need information about your rights and options. As a result, here we answer some of your most common questions and concerns. In addition, we tell you more about our law firm later. But for now, here is more information about a Monroe DWI.

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Why you should hire Robert J. Reeves P.C.

  • Mr. Reeves has over 27 years trial experience in both criminal and civil courts
  • NHTSA certificates in DWI Investigation and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  • Member, National Trial Lawyers Top 100 and National College for DUI Defense
  • Mr. Aaron R. Lee has extensive DWI and traffic ticket experience and focuses his practice on criminal defense.
  • Every client has our personal cell phone numbers and direct email addresses

Certainly, legal experience and DWI credentials are important. But in addition, you want lawyers who are personally available to you. Consequently, every client has our mobile phone numbers (704-351-7979) and email (robert@rjrlaw.com). While most lawyers are difficult to reach in general, it is nearly impossible after hours. As a result, our Monroe DWI lawyers appreciate the importance of a return phone call. Therefore, we return all client phone calls the same day. Even if you need answers on the weekend, we are here for you. After all, just a few minutes on the phone can help take away your anxiety and stress.

monroe dwiHow to Choose a Monroe DWI attorney?

These days, everyone “knows” a good lawyer. Your friends and family all offer a recommendation on who to hire. This is a great place to start your search. However, you should go further. Which DWI attorney to hire is critical and can make a real difference. DUI law in North Carolina is technical and complex. Lawyers in a general practice should be avoided. After all, criminal defense lawyers often go to trial. Rather, look for an experienced trial attorney who focuses on DWI cases.

After reviewing our years in practice and credentials, we encourage clients to personally meet with several different firms. Then hire the DWI lawyer who answers your questions, gives you confidence, but also puts you at ease. Because DWI cases take months to complete, you and your lawyer will spend significant time together. Hence make sure you are comfortable with the Monroe DWI attorney you retain.

monroe dwiGetting Your License Back

When arrested and charged with DWI, your driver’s license or driving privileges are suspended for thirty (30) days. At the end of that period, you pay a civil restoration fee of $100.00 to get your license back. If from another state, you can drive anywhere on your home state’s license except North Carolina. And once you get your license back, you can drive with no restrictions until your criminal case is over. Of course, if you win, you drive as before. But if you lose or plead guilty, your license is suspended for one (1) year. However, you can usually get a post-trial limited driving privilege.

What is a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP)?

During the initial thirty day period, you cannot legally drive for the first ten (10) days. During that time, we petition for a limited driving privilege for work or school. While limited in nature, a LDP allows clients to get to and from work. A standard LDP is valid Monday through Friday, 6:00 am until 8:00 pm. However, if you need to drive outside of those hours, we need a statement from your job or school. Thus, most clients prefer the standard privilege.

Union County Court Dates

Your Monroe DWI charge is handled in the Union County District Court. Defense of a DWI is a process that takes several months to gather all of the State’s evidence. Once we have everything, we review all evidence including any video. Then, we fully advise you on options. After our counsel, you decide what is best for you. While we guide you and suggest options, you are always in charge of your case. Therefore, if you want a trial, we go to trial. However, if you decide to plead guilty, we help lessen your punishment level. Either way, we stand beside you every step of the way.

Should I just plead guilty?

Absolutely not. Just because you are charged does not mean the State can prove you guilty. Furthermore, arrest is not the same as conviction. Before you can be found guilty, the State of North Carolina must prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Because of the resulting permanent criminal record alone, you should hire an experienced Monroe DWI attorney. Even if you later decide to plead, a DWI lawyer can help navigate the court system and help mitigate your punishment level.

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Monroe DWI Arrest

Not all traffic stops involve suspicion of drunk driving. In fact, many start out with no indication of DWI. However, everything changes after an officer smells alcohol on your breath. From that point forward, the police switch to a DWI investigation. And that includes asking you to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and portable breath testing. Many clients often feel they “passed” all tests on the side of the road. But that outcome is almost never the case. Instead, the officer is building their case to arrest you in the end.

Once at the police station, you are asked to give breath samples into a “breathalyzer” to determine your blood alcohol content. Refuse? Then you lose your license for one year and may have your blood taken at the hospital even if against your will. Don’t provide a “sufficient” sample? This counts as a “refusal” with the same consequences. After you complete the test, you still spend the night in jail. Even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below the presumptive 0.08% level. In those cases, the State must prove “appreciable impairment.” However, if you “blow” 0.15% or greater, you face higher punishment levels and ignition interlock in your vehicle.

Is a Monroe DWI a felony?

No. A first offense DWI without an accident is a misdemeanor. Rather, a DWI becomes a felony only if the impairment causes serious injury or death. Fortunately, most of our clients face a first time DWI after a night out with friends. While a DWI is serious, a felony DWI is much worse as you can serve time in prison.