Our Attorneys: Personally Available to Clients

It is extremely difficult and frustrating to try and actually speak with a DWI attorney. Many small practices operate with limited staff, or sometimes, with no staff at all. The lawyer is oftentimes in court and unavailable. While it is important to have proper staff to help manage schedules and court dates, it is vitally important to be able to get answers and share your concerns with your lawyer. That’s why our both our Monroe DWI lawyers, Robert J. Reeves and Aaron R. Lee, make themselves personally available to our clients.

Every client has our personal cell phone numbers and direct email addresses. You can call and speak to us personally. If in court waiting for our case to be called, we can usually respond by email. Otherwise, we will get back to you once we are able to speak freely. For more detailed matters, we pledge to return all client calls the same day, even if it is in the evening. We have made it a priority in our law practice to make time for clients because we understand that sometimes our clients need answers that only we can give. Paralegals are great for most matters, but other times, you need to talk with your lawyer.

How We Represent Our Clients

After hiring our firm, we will go about the process of gathering all of the State’s evidence against you. We will request all records, test results, and available video evidence. We even interview the arresting officer(s) to hear their description of your stop and arrest. That process will take time, perhaps several months. But once we are satisfied we have all there is, we will review your case in full from top to bottom.

Mr. Reeves will then sit down with you and review the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you and then advise you on options. He will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. If he feels that you have a strong defense, he may urge going to trial. On the other hand, if the case against you is well established, he may recommend that you plead guilty and begin building mitigators in order to seek a lower punishment level in sentencing. In every case, however, the ultimate decision is yours after our counsel. We provide you with options and a full review. You then decide what is best for you and your family.

For questions about your pending case, you can reach Mr. Reeves directly on his mobile phone at 704-351-7979 or email him at robert@rjrlaw.com. The call is free, but the answers we provide will help you sleep better tonight. Call us now.