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Alcohol-Free Fun: What to Do Without Drinking

When you face a DUI, you may feel that it's best to stop drinking alcohol. While you decide to do so, many of the people around you won't. And if a lot of your friends and hobbies include drinking, you may not know what to do for fun when you stop. But don't worry-- we have some ideas for alcohol-free fun. Alcohol-Free Fun Have a Game Night Nothing says fun like a game night, especially if you have competitive friends. From classic board games like Scrabble and Taboo, to Wii bowling, there will be plenty to do. So you can order some pizzas and make your best chip dip and have an even number of friends over. With constant interaction, this makes for a great alcohol-free fun night. Have a Movie Night Much like game night, having a movie night with friends provides constant entertainment. You can make large bowls of popcorn, some sweet treats to along with it, and pick [...]

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Non-Mixing Medications: Don’t Take These and Drink

When it comes to mixing medications and alcohol, it's never a good idea. For this reason, many drugs come with a warning not to take with alcohol. But while it's never a good idea, some are worse than others. So here's a list of non-mixing medications that you never want to combine with your drink. Non-Mixing Medications: Don't Take these Pills and Drink Taking Pain Meds? Put the Bottle Down One of the most commonly mixed medicines is also one of the most dangerous non-mixing medications. In the event that you are taking pain medications, you certainly want to stay away from alcohol. When mixed with pain meds like oxycodone, alcohol increases the effects of the opioids. Since these drugs slow down breathing and heart rate, it can reduce them even more or cause them to completely stop. Never Mix Benzos and Alcohol Much like mixing alcohol and painkillers, mixing it with benzos creates a similar effect. For instance, drugs like [...]

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Drinking Healthier: Ways to Avoid the Bad

When it comes to drinking alcohol, we all know it's not exactly the healthiest drink. However, we accept that and drink it anyways. But even though it's not exactly healthy, there are ways to make good choices that promote health benefits. So here's a few ways you can begin drinking healthier. Drinking Healthier: Ways to Avoid the Bad That Comes from Alcohol Pregame the Right Way  For the most part, when we think of pregaming, that means grabbing a few early drinks before the main event. But one of the best things you can do for drinking healthier is planning a healthy pregame. By that, we mean making healthy options before you ever start drinking. For instance, try going for a healthy fruit smoothy or a well-balanced meal. In addition, make sure your drink plenty of water before you begin drinking. These things can fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to metabolize the alcohol well. Stay Away from Mixers [...]

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Passenger Drinking: What are the Rules? 

We all know that drinking and driving isn't such a great idea. While you can have a beer, and likely still fall beneath the legal limit— taking the chance is always risky. But what about when it comes to your passenger drinking? What kind of rules do they need to follow when they don't have the pressure of operating a vehicle? Ultimately, it all comes down to those open container laws... Passenger Drinking: What are the Rules? It all comes down to keeping those open containers out of the car... Throughout the state of North Carolina, open container laws are pretty cut and dry. According to this law, you cannot have an open container of alcohol in the passenger area of your vehicle by any means. So, to put it simply, you cannot travel with any open alcoholic beverages... even for your passengers. How do you define an open container? Defining an open container is quite simple. According to state law, the [...]

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Emergency as DUI Defense: Will Necessity Help my Case?

There are plenty of reasons why people drive drunk. However, most excuses hold little ground or validity when it comes to police. But, what if it's an emergency? What if your wife unexpectedly went into labor, but you recently consumed a six pack while watching football with friends? Or, what if a loved one appears to have a heart attack, but you just drank a bottle of champagne? Sure, these situations don't happen too often. But, what if they do? Is there such thing as justified drunk driving? And will an emergency strengthen my case? Emergency as DUI Defense: Will Necessity Help my Case? The quick answer to that question is “no.” However, plenty of attorneys have used emergency as a defense before. The most common type of emergency cited is medical. Like the examples from above, medical emergencies are unpredictable. They also require immediate attention to avoid physical harm or death. However, courts will often deny, regardless of medical emergency. [...]

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Motorcycle DUI: Does it Vary At All?

You, just as any other motorist, are aware that a motorcycle is quite different than passenger vehicles. Sure, they use a motor, you operate them, and they get you from point A to B. But, other than that, they are quite different. So, for motorcyclists, sometimes, the rules and laws vary just a bit, such as the type of licensing you must have. However, you are not exempt from the law— specifically, DUI law. Motorcycle DUI: Does it Vary At All? No matter how fast you drove, where you drove, or what kind of motorcycle you drove, law enforcement charges a DUI or DUAC for driving a motorcycle under the influence just the same as any other vehicle. South Carolina's DUI law states that you cannot drive a motor vehicle while "materially and appreciably" impaired. The key word is "motor vehicle." Even though motorcycles are not cars, they are still motor vehicles. Therefore, they rules do not vary in any capacity [...]

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Third-Party Delivery Services: Reducing DUI?

The twenty-first century is an incredible time to be alive for plenty of reasons. We're in a strong technological age, advancements are being made every day, and it's making our lives easier from time to time. One way it's doing so, is by introducing third-party delivery services. Imagine this: you've been drinking at home, but you're out of alcohol! The night is young, you're having friends over, and you want more booze. However, you can't drive... and taking an Uber to the grocery store is just a pain. So? Enter here: delivery services! It makes you consider: Will delivery services reduce the number of drunk drivers? Third-Party Delivery Services: Reducing DUI? You can use these third-party delivery services for almost anything your little heart desires. Drinking and hungry? They can deliver anything you want. Drinking and need more to drink? They've got that too. These days, it seems that there are more apps than there are actual delivery restaurants. You have Postmates, [...]

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South Carolina Senator Arrested for DUI

Late last year, a South Carolina senator, Paul Campbell, was arrested for driving under the influence. The senator claimed that his wife was behind the wheel of the car during the time of the accident, which occurred on I-26 on November 4th. Campbell rear-ended an SUV, and then switched seats with his wife before authorities arrived. After the accident, police began to investigate. Immediately, the officers noticed Campbell's slurred speech and sluggish behavior. There is even video, which made it's way into the public eye, showing the senator who is struggling to stand. Campbell acknowledged that he wasn't well, however would not admit to driving the vehicle. South Carolina Senator Arrested for DUI Police knew Campbell was drunk when he failed his breath test. Campbell blew a .09 for a breath test. Campbell also talked at the scene about how the arrest would affect his career. DUI and Negligence Charge Will not Trigger Suspension All in all, the events of the evening had [...]

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Sobriety Checkpoints: Regulations and Rights 

Sobriety checkpoints are legal. However, just because police lack probable cause does not mean that these stops are completely unregulated. Law Enforcement must follow certain guidelines in setting up checkpoints. True, they are random in nature. However, understanding the regulations will make the process feel a bit more transparent. Sobriety Checkpoints: Understanding regulations and rights There Must Be A Valid Reason The typical overarching reason for sobriety checkpoints is to decrease drunk driving. The Supreme Court ruled in 1990 that checkpoints must have a 'rationally related purpose to stopping drunk drivers'. However, police officers cannot setup them up just anywhere. Police needs a good reason for a checkpoint's location and time. If the checkpoint is set up near the beach during spring break, that is a good reason due to the high amount of drunk college students. However, a checkpoint in downtown Charleston at 7AM on a Monday doesn't serve a good enough purpose. Must Have Supervisory Approval Police themselves cannot [...]

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Implied Consent and DUI

If you have recently experienced a DUI charge, you are likely a bit confused by a few different terms and pieces of lingo that prosecutors, attorneys, and police have thrown around. One of the most commonly used, and misunderstood terms, is that of implied consent. What does it mean? And how exactly do I imply that I've given consent to an officer?   Implied Consent and DUI: Understanding DUI Terminology First, what is basic consent? The term is not too hard to understand, if you break it down. First, consent means that you agree to a certain action. So, say an officer says, "may we search your vehicle?" You say, "of course, I have nothing to hide." By complying, and saying 'yes', you are giving basic consent to their request. So, how do I imply consent? Implied consent means that you are suggesting that you agree to something. Therefore, your actions or behavior in a certain situation allows a police officer to [...]

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