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Spotting Alcohol Abuse: What To Look For 

When it comes to drinking, it's all fun and games to drink in moderation. But once you begin drinking too much, too often, it can become a danger to your health and safety. However, it can be hard for people to judge when it becomes too much. Which is why it's easy to spot signs of alcohol problems in someone before they see it themselves. So here's a few tips for spotting alcohol abuse in a friend and how to handle it. Spotting Alcohol Abuse: What To Look For and What to Do Incapable of Going Without Alcohol When spotting alcohol abuse in friends, the first thing you may notice is the necessity to drink. While everyone else may enjoy drinks for an occasion, someone with an alcohol problems makes every event a reason to drink. Just a casual movie night my become a time to become drunk. If you notice your friend looking for any reason to drink, this could [...]

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DD Benefits: Where’s the Fun in Driving? 

When it comes to being the designated driver, it's a job most of us don't want. That means you don't get to drink while the rest of your friends do. And now you have to babysit a few drunk people--not your idea of fun. But what if we said there's actually tons of good things about being a DD? Check out these DD benefits for reasons why you should want to drive. DD Benefits: Where's the Fun in Driving? Your Body Will Thank You The next day when everyone is feeling sluggish and a little nauseous, your body will thank you. One of the biggest DD benefits is that you don't suffer a hangover, headache, or any of the other painful symptoms of drinking too much. Not only will you avoid those symptoms but you won't be putting in harmful toxins in your body that can come in alcoholic beverages. Just another reason your body will appreciate you choosing the wheel [...]

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Drugged Drink: What Are the Signs?

When it comes to drinking, mixing drugs and alcohol can have some dangerous side effects. The two substances can interact with one another, enhancing each other's effects and leaving you incoherent. But what if you didn't mix the two yourself? In many cases, people don't know they've received a drugged drink until the next morning when they can't remember anything. So here's a few drugged drink signs you or your friends may notice before it's too late. Drugged Drink: Signs and Symptoms You've Barely Had Alcohol but Your Feel Drunk One of the first signs of a drugged drink is that it makes you feel drunk. It could be your first drink, you've not had any other alcohol. So there's no way you should feel buzzed, much less drunk. However, you feel that that "one drink hit you". This can be a sign that someone's given you a drugged drink so you should seek help. You're Having Trouble Talking When some [...]

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Drinking Myths Debunked: What’s the Truth? 

When it comes to drinking, many people stick to theories about getting the best experience out of their drink. But is there any real truth to those age old theories? Check out this list of our favorite drinking myths debunked. Drinking Myths Debunked: What's the Truth? You'll Be Less Intoxicated With Beer For whatever reason, people tend to think that beer is less intoxicating than other alcoholic beverages. One reason for this could be that is contains the most liquid ounces per percentage of alcohol. In short, that means a 12 ounce bottle of beer may have the same amount of alcohol as a 5 ounce glass of wine. Therefore, it gives the illusion that it is less intoxicating. However, consider this one of the more common drinking myths debunked. Because beer contains alcohol, it will certainly make you intoxicated if you drink enough. Switching Types of Alcohol Will Make You Sick Odds are, you've heard the many phrases warning you [...]

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Preventing Hangovers: Tips to Avoiding the Morning After 

When it comes to drinking, it's all fun and games until the morning after. You know, that next morning, "why did I do this to myself" feeling. If you've been there before, then you probably wonder if there's a magical method to prevent those awful hangovers. While they may not be magical, we do have a few tips for preventing hangovers. Preventing Hangovers: Tips to Avoiding the Morning After Drink Moderately The first trick in preventing hangovers is really no trick at all. Although it may not seem like the most fun option, drinking within moderation is the best way to prevent a hangover. In short, drinking moderately means having a modest amount of alcohol. It also means drinking that alcohol over a longer time span. Instead of loading up on drinks quickly, have a couple over several hours throughout the night. Drink More.. Water Another great way for preventing hangovers is to drink more water. Dehydration plays a huge part [...]

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Spotting Drunk Drivers: What to Look For and What to Do

When it comes to drunk drivers, you want to stay on the look out. Because of their impaired driving skills, they can be very dangerous on the road. So how do you know if you're riding alongside of an intoxicated driver? Here's a few tips for spotting drunk drivers. Spotting Drunk Drivers: What to Look For and What to Do What to Look For When Spotting Drunk Drivers  One of the most common things to look for is erratic driving. This could mean running off of the road or straddling the center line. Also, drunk drivers tend to swerve in and out of lanes and struggle to keep the vehicle balanced on the road. But not only do you want to watch how they drive, you want to be aware of how quickly they do it. For instance, drunk drivers often struggle to regulate their speed. So at times, they may travel well over the posted speed limit. But at others, [...]

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Sober Apps: Finding Support at Your Fingertips 

When it comes to getting sober, you may want all the help you can get. So what if you had help and support at your fingertips? For some people, that's possible with sober apps that you can download straight to your phone. So here's a few sober apps that may help you choose to skip the drink. Sober Apps: Finding Support at Your Fingertips Sober Grid  One of the more popular sober apps is Sober Grid. This app, which is free to both android and IPhone users, allows people to join together for support. In some cases, people join to find support in others struggling with alcoholism or dependency. In other cases, people join to offer that support. Essentially, this app creates a community of people that share struggles with alcohol abuse. So you can reach someone local or worldwide, within a moments notice if you need to talk. Sobriety Counter  Like a lot of other sober apps, Sobriety Counter is [...]

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Drunk Sleeping: How to Safely Sleep It Off in Your Car

When it comes to intoxication, sometimes it's just best to sleep it off. But what about when you are already in your car?  In some cases, you can receive a DWI even when you aren't actually driving at all. So here's a few ways to get by with drunk sleeping in your vehicle without facing a DWI. Drunk Sleeping: How to Safely Sleep It Off in Your Car Don't Sleep in the Driver's Seat  One the safest things you can do when drunk sleeping is to avoid the driver's seat. In order for you to face a DWI charge, you must be operating, have operated, or be in control of a motor vehicle. Therefore, sitting in the driver's seat, even to sleep, can lead an to believe a few things. First, they may assume you were just driving and pulled over and passed out. In that case, you still would be guilty of driving while intoxicated. Secondly, they may assume you [...]

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DWI Happenings: What Takes Place After a DWI

When it comes to facing a DWI, this charge can having lasting effects. While some of them are long term, others take place right after an arrest. So here's 5 DWI happenings that will occur if you face these charges. 5 DWI Happenings Arrested and Booked  One of the most immediate DWI happenings is that an officer will arrest and book you at the station. Upon your arrest, an officer will place you in the car and take you to the police station. From there, they will snap your "mug shot" and take your fingerprints. They will then file this information to have on record. In some cases, they may require you to serve jail time. In the state of North Carolina, there is a minimum 24 hour jail time for a first time DWI offense. But a judge may forego this and allow you to complete community service instead. You'll Need to Appear in Court  After your arrest, you'll receive [...]

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Binge Drinking Types: Reasons for Drinking This Way

When it comes to binge drinking, we normally think of drinking too much in a short time span. While that's the basis for binge drinking, a lot of studies break the habit down into types. So here's some binge drinking types you may be engaging in without realizing it. Binge Drinking Types De-stress Drinkers One of the most common binge drinking types comes in the form of de-stress drinkers. In this group, people may drink to relax and just have a moment to let things go. In other cases, they may drink to feel a sense of control when other aspects of life seem chaotic. No matter the reason, stress causes them to drink many drinks too quickly. Boredom Drinkers In some cases of binge drinking types, people find themselves drinking this way just for something to do. So while trying to pass time throughout the night, they may have several drinks or shots. In other cases, boredom drinkers may just [...]

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