Pre-Conviction Limited Driving Privilege

A charge for DWI results in an immediate 30 day civil revocation of a person’s driver’s license.  This can cause havoc in a person’s personal and professional life.  Fortunately, after 10 days of going without a license, you can petition a judge for a limited driving privilege, which allows you to drive to go to work, school, and to maintain your household, during limited hours.  However, if you need different hours to go to work, it may be possible to drive these hours as well, with special permission from the judge.

Limited Driving Privilege After Refusal

A refusal to provide a sample for chemical analysis results in a one year suspension.  However, you can typically apply for a privilege after six months.  Even if your underlying case is dismissed, you still have to deal with the revocation.  You can challenge the revocation in a DMV hearing.

Post-Conviction Driving Privilege

You will lose your license immediately if you are convicted of DWI.  In certain cases, if the judge is willing to sign the privilege, you can begin driving immediately.  If you have chemical analysis of your blood, and it exceeds .15, then you will have to wait 45 days to ask the judge to grant you a limited driving privilege.  Your vehicle must also have ignition interlock installed.

The Importance of a Limited Driving Privilege

A limited driving privilege can be very useful for you when you are trying to get to work.  This is a concern for most of our clients, because they have a family to support.  Most of our clients who have their license revoked for 30 days ask us to get a limited driving privilege for them after the initial 10 day period.  We understand that being able to drive is vital to maintaining your lifestyle, and in many cases, providing for your family.  If you have any questions about a limited driving privilege, please give us a call.